Computer-Aided Design and Analysis


Mechcon Corporation provides experience in the use and development of computer-aided tools for general mechanical design and analysis. Recognized industry standard finite element programs are the main tools for analysis. In past projects, special protocols within ANSYS1 have been developed to automate the task of performing repetitively finite element analysis on a particular product. The protocols consist of macros written in the ANSYS1 Parametric Design Language (APDL), including special Graphical User Interface (GUI) menus that simplify the model generation, solution, and post-processing steps. ANSYS1 is a versatile computer code, and is one of the most popular commercial finite element package in use worldwide.




In some cases, due to the needed capability, cost, or limitation of a commercial code, it may be more effective to develop a custom computer program for special applications. Mechcon Corporation may be able to assist in the development of computer programs to meet special needs.





1 ANSYS is a registered trademark of SAS IP Inc

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